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Kid’s Birthday Parties

We offer 2-hour birthday cooking parties for children in our customized, kid-friendly kitchen starting at age 8

You choose from three healthy and delicious themes and then create the party meal.


What’s included:

  • Experienced staff to instruct and assist. The executive chef will be working with the kids one-on-one to make their experience memorable.
  • Individual apron and chef’s hat
  • Choice of one delicious party meal theme (see bottom of page) & all ingredients
  • Beverages

Party prices:

  • $400 for a party of up to 15 children
  • Tax (7%) and Service Fee (20%)
  • An addition charge of $20 per child will apply if you have a larger party. Keep in mind the maximum capacity is 20 kids

Birthday party times:

  •  Saturdays 3:00pm-5:00pm

Party themes:

  •  Pizza | Brunch | Mexican|


  • Pizza Party

Fresh Pizza Dough

Top your pizza dough with our selections, bake

Apple Juice, Milk, Water for drinks

  • Brunch Party 

Flavored Yogurt, Granola, Coconut, Chocolate Chip Parfait

Dutch baby (baked pancake) topped with mini chocolate chips and Warm Maple Syrup

Sparkling Fruit Punch (Apple Juice, Milk, Water are also available)


  • Mexican Party 

Parmesan Tortilla Chips

Fresh Grape Tomato Salsa

Vegetables or Cheese Quesadillas

Apple Juice, Milk, Water are also available


Nut Allergies:  Livia’s Dish is not a nut free facility.  Any nuts that are on site are stored in enclosed containers.  All pans, pots, bowls, etc are run through our warewashing machine which reaches sanitizing temperatures during the cycle. For the birthday parties NONE of the recipes include nuts.

Food allergies or religious dietary restrictions: We always try to accommodate children with other allergies like milk allergies, sesame, soy, etc.  As long as you let the Livi’s Dish staff know when you register your child that there are food allergies or dietary restrictions like no pork or no shellfish we always try to find a substitution for the student.

Parents booking a birthday party should ask parents of the guest children about allergies BEFORE the party so no surprises come up during the party when a child lets the staff know he or she is allergic to an item being used. We can work around most allergies if we know in advance.